Creating The Building Blocks For Long-Term Health And Wellbeing

"The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison."

- Ann Wigmore

Our Philosophy

Lifestyle change does not happen overnight:

  • There is no quick fix to foundational health and wellbeing. Transitioning to a health-promoting lifestyle, including a whole food plant-based diet, will not happen with the snap of a finger. Lifestyle change means changing habits, dealing with cultural norms and pressures and plenty of learning. But once you start feeling better, you'll wonder why you hadn't made the changes sooner!

No counting calories:

  • There is a reason all these diet companies make so much money - their plans don't work long term, bringing back repeat customers again and again. The beauty of a whole food plant-based diet is, not only are you nourishing your body as nature intended, but you are doing so in a way where you never have to count calories or watch your portions again. And with an emphasis on whole foods, you're getting the fiber that helps you feel satiated and comfortably full after every meal while reducing the vicious cycle of cravings that comes from animal products, processed foods and sugar.

Learning to cook our own food:

  • Dr. Michael Klaper has a great joke about what to do when you go to a restaurant: "Try to get out of there as fast as possible!" Restaurants almost always put in tons of oil and butter, even when ordering a "healthy" dish. And that's why the importance of discovering the plant-based dishes you love most and then learning how to prepare them can not be understated. It's all about taking back control of your nutrition and it starts in the kitchen.

Health of body, spirit and mind:

  • When comparing the long-term benefits of nutrition versus exercise, nutrition is far greater in importance. But physical strength, mobility and flexibility are also paramount. We are big proponents of functional strength training, breathing exercises and practices like yoga and Qi Gong as ways accessible to everyone for improving physical wellbeing.

Heal your body while healing the environment and helping our animal friends:

  • The drastic reduction in environmental impact is a nice icing on the cake of this transformation. In terms of water use, land use, crop use (for feeding animals), deforestation and carbon emissions, switching to a plant-based diet is the single biggest thing we can do individually to improve the health of our planet. The second bonus is we are helping our animal friends, reducing the cruelties associated with animals being raised and killed for livestock.

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Ready to get started in your journey?

Set up a free 15-minute consultation with us here.